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Ecological Reserves on The Irish Loop

Avalon Wilderness Reserve

Hawke Hills Ecological Reserve

Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve

Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

Provincial Parks on The Irish loop

Butter Pot Provincial Park

La Manche Provincial Park

Things to See and Do on The Irish Loop

Colony of Avalon

Cape Race Lighthouse

Historic Ferryland Museum

Southern Shore Shamrock Festival

Boat Tours on The Irish Loop

Puffin and Whale Watching Boat Tour

Accommodations on The Irish loop

Celtic Rendezvous

Restaurants on The Irish loop

Gatherall's Seaside Dining Room

Other Scenic Routes

Admiral's Coast

The Discovery Trail

The Baccalieu Trail

The Kittiwake Coast

Trinity Bight

Gros Morne

The Viking Trail
An automobile cruising the Viking Trail is really a time machine that takes you to the beginnings of our planet, ancient native burial grounds, and the thousand-year-old Viking settlement at L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site. Travel through wooded valleys, over mountains, along a windswept seacoast. This tour can take from two to ten days. Take your time, for time will tug you gently along the Trail, urging side trips to fjords and falls, sand dunes and fields of wildflowers.

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